APRIL 2019

Pillow Talk

When I select a pillow for a room, I generally like it to speak to me. Whether it’s the color or the pattern I choose, it usually completes the room and is often the finishing touch.

Very much like a chocolate left on a pillow in a hotel room…I want the pillow to invite you to sit, lay down and be comfortable.

The idea of a throw pillow is to enhance the furniture that it’s placed on. Not only does it provide comfort and interest, it allows the homeowner to accent the room with some personality.

Take for example a kid’s room…what better way than to throw a few colorful or juvenile pillows on the bed or playroom floor to surround the child with a bit of home interior created just for him/her?

Even better is when one allows the child to select the pillows for her special bed!

My mom did this with me when I was a young girl.

By designing my bedroom around my favorite Raggedy Ann doll, she used Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets, throw pillows and café curtains to create the most beautiful environment for me and my younger sister. 

The result was that my bedroom in our apartment was just as important as the living room and any other space in our home.

For a college dorm room, this is the new home for this student for the next 9 or so months.  Surrounding one’s space with the comforts of home must always include a few great pillows!

Lastly, I think pillows make a great gift! I have been known to gift Anniversary, Wedding and Housewarming pillows on many occasions.

 From the Alexandra Ferguson pillows sold in my shop with messages like BE NICE OR LEAVE and HAPPILY EVER AFTER to the Coastal Inspired pillows that I sell and design for any room in the house…pillows make a very personal and appreciated gift.

Xo, J.